Getting Organized

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the unending lists of how to get your home organized? (We agree!!)  Here’s a list of 7 simple starters we can all attempt!

Getting Organized

*”Getting organized is continuous maintenance, for every hour spent organizing we save 3-4 hours.  Spend 5 minutes tidying the junk drawer; 20 mins. here, 10 mins. there will make all the difference.”

~Professional organizer Nancy Heller


*”Put things in the same place all the time, you’ll condition yourself to be organized.”

~Professional organizer Kendra Stanley


*”Displaying only books you love leaves breathing room and space for

decorative accessories, go for balance. If your bookshelf is 80% full it is really full.”

~Professional organizer Nancy Heller


*”Don’t display every book you own, if you have a good collection of books, you don’t need to display paperbacks.”

~Professional organizer Linda Rothschild


*”Keep toys in 1 – 2 places in your home.”

~Professional organizer Vanessa Hayes


*”Bins are fine, they need to be space efficient, properly labeled and

specific.  Leave a little extra space in each bin to add more items.”

~Professional organizer Nancy Heller


*”Things you wear on a regular basis need be accessible, placed in front of your closet.  Being realistic about your real life closet needs makes it easier to keep the space neat.”

~Professional organizer Linda Rothschild

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The Red Line is Coming!

The construction phase of the Red Line has a lot of neighbors, friends and businesses very upset, but there is good news on the horizon. The construction time frame has been shortened! You will be able to take the RED LINE to the first home Colts Football game!!!  The new plan will have the Red Line up and running by the end of this Summer!


The other good news is that National Association of REALTORS says that with improvement of light rail transportation, property values increase an average of 40% within the first 5 years after completion.  Some of this appreciation has already been seen by sales of investment property along College Ave. It is hard to say how far the impact will help property values, but it is safe to say those who can walk to the Red Line will benefit the most.


If you have a chance to visit a business along the route, know they they will really appreciate and let them know you will be back when the line is finished also.


For more on the Red LIne visit & enjoy Spring 2019!!

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“Is it a good time to buy a house?


– YES! The housing market in Indianapolis took a big jump a few years ago, causing prices to increase.  It was a much needed correction.  Since then, prices have remained higher but stable.  Some buyers are waiting for the prices to come back down, but market experts don’t expect that to happen.  Your takeaway?  Indy has a stable housing market.

In addition, and this is what caught my eye, interest rates  are lower than expected!  According to Brett Boston with USB Bank, a conventional 30yr rate is 4.375%.  The rate for a 15 year is only 3.875%!  Of course, rates are dependent on your credit, so these are only estimates, but WOW!  3.875%??  Keep your money invested and get a mortgage!

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Zillow Estimates

What’s up with the “Zillow Zestimate”??

“I’m selling my home and Zillow has it estimated $50,000 under our list price!”  More common than you think. Part of Zillow’s valuation is dependent on the zip code.  There can be a million dollar or more difference within the same zip!   Of course, there are other factors used, but many homes are mis-valued.  This is where a real estate agent’s value really comes in.  I do a thorough investigation of the neighborhood, the home, and any other factors that come into play.  It’s not a matter of plugging numbers, it’s a matter of knowing the area.  Something Zillow doesn’t do.  So sure, start your search with Zillow, but before you pull the trigger call your agent.

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